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It really is true…….dog poo fairies don’t exist, not even in Down Grange Meadow! The most unpleasant problem we sometimes have is dogs’ mess, bagged or otherwise, left in and around the Meadow.

The vast majority of dog walkers show consideration by bagging and binning it, but there is a persistent minority who seem happy to leave it where it is or throw filled bags into the undergrowth. Please help by acting responsibly and ensuring that any mess created by your dog is picked up and disposed of properly.

Wild Flower Seeding. As an experiment in the Meadow, a strip of grass 240m long by 3m wide has been cleared and seeded with a wide variety of wild flower seeds. As the germination rate is dependent on the seed being in direct contact with the ground, visitors and their dogs were encouraged to walk over this area to tread in the seed.

This area was chosen as the grasses were fine and not particularly vigorous, giving the wild flowers a chance to compete.

Sowing was carried out in early November, just in time for the seed to be rained in and before the cold weather arrived. As the spring approaches, we look forward to seeing what emerges.

Our final Meadow Work Party for the current season will be on Thursday, 29th March for two hours from 2.00pm. Our meeting point is the Meadow’s Homesteads Road entrance. Why not join us to see what we are up to? We can always do with some extra help. All equipment is provided, but please bring your own gloves.


For more information about our activities on Down Grange Meadow, please call Marion Wolstencroft on (01256) 470171. Alternatively, send an email to or visit us at

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